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Monday, January 27, 2014

Kids Spa Parties: Ideas on Preparing for the Big Day

So you have decided to have a kids spa party at home, and your daughter's birthday is fast approaching. This blog will share some ideas to prepare your home for a wonderful party, packed with favors, candy, food, and pretty decorations.
So, one thing you will want to do a few days before is start preparing the food for the party. There is an excellent website with all kinds of little easy things to make, with recipes and instructions. You can link to the page by clicking here. The cowboy caviar cups (which are actually black beans, not fish eggs) in little edible tortilla chip cups. They also have adorable little hot chocolate cookie cups, which are made with pillsbury sugar cookie dough. They are so cute! For the main course, you can try to make the chicken wild rice lettuce wraps, which take less than 20 minutes to prepare, except for the rice cooking part.

They also have recipes for low sugar banana nut scones, which are great if you already have lots of chocolate and candy on hand for the girls to snack on. And the candy bar pretzel bites look absolutely delicious! Check out their site, and you are sure to find lots of great recipe ideas.

A couple of weeks before the party is the time to start getting the favors and everything else ready. Birthday Express has a kids spa party section, with favors and other items to add to your party, along with some decorations. While we decorate the living room or "spa room," as it is transformed into, the kitchen and dining areas are up to you. Ribbons and pretty colored table cloths, along with pretty centerpieces will add to the ambiance of the spa party. And of course, all of the food and desserts you have made or purchased will also be decorating the table.

For the mom who has very little time, the cakes and cupcakes can all be made by your local bakery, and we recommend Sugar Sugar Cupcakes in Perth Amboy, for their adorable spa party themed cupcakes.

Your kids spa party will be a lot of fun, especially once we arrive and start providing the services to the girls. But the more favors and food you have, the more fun it will be. The easiest party food for the kids spa party (and also the most popular and least likely to make a big mess) is of course pizza. Catered or delivered pasta is also inexpensive and popular, although little girls favorite is almost always pizza. If you like making healthy food, or want to have healthy food at your party, it may take a little bit more effort. There are many restaurants in New Jersey and New York City that will prepare healthy full meals and deliver them. Here is the link to a New York Times article presenting several locations that offer full healthy meal delivery. Whether you will have a catered meal or cook yourself if definitely something to decide on in advance, and considering the fact that parties always have lots of candy, cake, cupcakes, and chocolate, a healthy meal alternative that can be delivered might well be preferred.

In addition to the preparations covered thus far, you also need to make sure that the room where the kids spa party will be is spacious and has been pretty much cleared, so that all of the decorations and supplies we bring are able to be arranged easily and quickly. We need a bit of space in which to set up for the facials and massages, and we also need a small table to do the manicures on. You can drape the windows with pretty fabric and ribbons, both for privacy and to add to the ambiance of the room. Streamers and ribbons on the chairs are also very pretty.
Then, when the kids spa party gets started, it will look and feel like a real grown-up spa in a kids fun party kind of way. Whatever decorations or food you choose to provide to your guests, we will take care of the entertainment. For more information, or to book your party, please click here.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Let's Get Creative: Making Your Kids Spa Party More Memorable!

Having a kids spa party at home (or in a hotel room) is great fun. While we bring the party, and some sweets for everyone to enjoy, there are some great ideas and tips that you can use to make it even more memorable. Since the mom is responsible for the food and additional candy, I have found some great ideas for moms to make their kids spa party more memorable and fun by making some simple additions.

This is by far the cutest idea I saw: marshmallow nail polish bottles! Find the recipe by clicking here They are super easy to make, all you need is tootsie rolls, marshmallow, frosting and food coloring to dip them in. Maby it would take an hour to prepare them, but once they are in the fridge, they don't need much care until the party starts, and they are sooo cute!

For the mom who is strapped for time, perhaps you can order some cute cupcakes online for your kids spa party. We have seen so many adorable cupcakes at parties we have been to that we would like to share a link to a couple of the best ones. Here is a link to yelp of the spa party cupcakes made by Sugar Sugar Cupcakes in Perth Amboy. These are the cutest! They have little makeup applicators and eyeshadow on them. How cute!

Cake Boutique in New Jersey also makes awesome cakes and cupcakes. While I didn't specifically see a cupcake for a spa party, they can undoubtedly make something special for your party! Visit them by clicking here

Here is an idea for some cool lip scrubs to have ready for the guests at the party. Everyone can use these lip scrubs to exfoliate their lips, and then use the home made lip balm that we make with your girls at the party! Click here to view And click here for some great ideas for homemade food, candy, and chocolates the everyone is sure to enjoy!

And of course, here are some great ideas for additional supplies to make your kids spa party even more fun! Birthday Express (click here) has lots of favor supplies, as well as decorations for your kids spa party. You don't have to make everything yourself, and these are great ideas if you don't have a lot of spare time to do so.

So, for your own kids spa party at home, some of these ideas will help you to make it more fun and more special, with time saving items, as well as ideas for favors and other fun stuff. To book your kids spa party with us, where we come to your home and decorate for the party, as well as providing manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, and hair styling, please click here to visit our website. You will find tons of information about our parties, galleries of prior parties, and contact information. The most important part of your party is the fun!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Kids Spa Parties and American Girl Dolls: The Dolls Can Join in the Fun!

In the last many years, little girls all around the country have become enamored of the American Girl dolls. These are adorable little dolls that can be made to look like you, or to look however you want them to. Most little girls love having a smaller version of themselves to play with. In the past, the website for the American Girl dolls had a kids spa party kit for sale, so that little girls can have their dolls join in the fun.

Having hosted some of these types of parties, they are a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the line of kid’s spa party items for the dolls has since been discontinued, but that has not stopped little girls from wanting to have their dolls be entertained as guests at their spa parties!

So we have improvised. We offer an American Girl doll spa party package, where the little dolls can have almost all of the same treatments as their “mommies.” They can have facials, they can have their hair styled, and they can all get a massage, too. Due to the permanence of nail polish, that is not part of the package.

We have had several of these doll and girl spa parties, and they are loads of fun. The girls love seeing their dolls participate in the same activities they are getting, and they always help move their dolls around so that it seems real. They help them get in their baths, they help them get their facials, and then when it is time for their massages, the girls are often their dolls’ own massage therapists!
So, if your little girl loves her little American Girl doll, then maybe our American Girl doll and kids spa party are the right package for you. We can also involve other dolls, as long as they are large enough to “participate”! :-)

For more information on our kids spa parties, please click here to visit our kids spa party page.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Kids Spa Parties: A Great Way For Your Kids To De-stress For Their Birthday

Kids spa parties are a fun and exciting way for kids to learn to de-stress and turn off from all of the distractions in their lives, to simply relax. These parties are also a lot of fun. Little girls get to just be kids for a day, without all of the distractions of school and after-school activities.
Manicures and facials are by far the most popular activities at the kids spa parties. Every little girl loves to get her nails painted, and the cute nail art designs that they can get make it even more fun and exciting. From bunnies to cupcakes, zebras to rainbows, these little girls have chosen everything you can think of to have painted on their nails. The designs stay on for quite a while, long enough to show their friends in school, post to instagram and facebook, and show their relatives and friends.

The facials are extremely popular, too. Little girls love to watch each other get the masque applied, and especially love the cucumbers on the eyes. Many times girls have taken pictures of each other with the cucumbers on, and then posted them to their instagram and twitter accounts right then, giggling the whole time!:-)

Chocolate is one of the most popular activities, too, since little girls love to eat chocolate, and there is nothing better than chocolate dipped strawberries! And as scientific research has found, chocolate helps you to relax by releasing opiate substances in the brain as well as endorphins (click to view some of the research about chocolate)

So, many of the activities that kids get to do at the spa parties are relaxing just because they are fun, where other activities actually have chemical and scientific reasons for being relaxing. This make kids spa parties all the more fun and enjoyable for everyone invited.

If you would like to learn more about our kids spa parties, or to book, please visit our website by clicking here.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kids Spa Parties: Helping Kids Learn To Relax

Kids today are so incredibly busy! With their fast-paced lives of soccer practice, karate class, outings with friends, and other after school activities (not to mention school itself!) kids today are busier than ever, and certainly busier than their own moms were when they were kids. So how do they learn to de-stress and just let go? To just relax and be their own person?
Well, to help your kids learn to relax and just be, we offer kids spa parties at home. The at home part actually makes it so that the mom can get to relax and just be also, but this article is about the benefits to your kids. The most relaxing services that we offer are the facials and the massages. But, we also create a spa atmosphere in your home, with candles, music, and everything else so your kids can just relax and enjoy their day.

Massages, as everyone knows, are very relaxing. All of the stress that kids today have from their very demanding lives can melt away while they are getting their massage. Tight shoulders, tight necks, and tension in their backs can all be relieved by their massage at the girls’ spa party.

Facials are also very relaxing. The facials are a time when kids can just relax, breathe, and let their tension go. During the masque portion of the facial, they do simply that: relax and lie still while the facial ingredients help their skin.

So, while some may think that kids spa parties are a frivolous event, devoid of any helpfulness to kids, I think that teaching them to relax is a very valuable lesson. Especially since they can take that relaxation with them into their daily lives: school, after school activities, homework time, and basically any time of the day that they are feeling stressed.

If you would like more information, or to book a kids spa party at your location, please visit our website by clicking here.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kids Spa Parties – You Are Only Young Once!

Many parents of young children are concerned about having a kids spa party for their young daughter. Articles in the news recently have raised concerns about these types of parties, attempting to prove that kids spa parties will raise daughters who believe that they should spend all of their money on manicures, facials, and massages.

The same article blames kids spa parties for raising financially non-savvy women in our society. However, kids spa parties have not been around for very long, and there are already many women who spend all of their money on manicures, pedicures, facials, and the ever popular shopping. It is our belief that these fears about kids spa parties are unfounded, and you can link to a blog that discusses this at length by clicking here.

Many parents see kids spa parties as a good thing, a welcome change from birthday parties at places like Chuck E. Cheese, or with backyard bounce houses, pony rides, or pool parties. Many of the kids spa parties which we host are also slumber parties, which is a cool way to have two types of party in one with very little effort on the part of the parents.

In our opinion, little girls should be allowed to be just that, little girls. Kids spa parties give them an opportunity to just be a little girl for a day, with nothing expected of them except for their participation. Little girls can have their nails painted, they can have what is likely their first experience of a facial, and they can have what is likely their first professional massage therapy session. Even their hair can be styled in whatever way they like.

There is no pressure on the girls for them to choose any one service, as they are each allowed to choose whatever services they themselves prefer. Little girls love to have their nails done, and we believe that they are only young once, and they should be allowed to experience manicures, pedicures, facials, and the other services while they are still young.

There will be plenty of time later in their lives for them to polish their nails again, and for them to go for a real massage or facial, but for this one day they can just be a kid and have these services done for them. Since they are only young once, a girls spa party is an experience well worth having, that they will likely remember for their whole lives.

If you would like more information about our spa parties for little girls, please click here to visit our website.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Hotel Kids Spa Parties: All of the Fun, None of the Mess!

Kids Spa Parties are always a lot of work for the parents, even when a Kids Spa Party service, like ourselves at Mountainside One Site Massage, is hired to do the spa activities with the children. Parents usually prepare food, do their own decorating, mail out invitations, take photos, and do a great deal more, in order to get an event space ready for the party.

Our very first Kids Spa Party was held in a hotel room. So, from our very beginning, we've seen how well Girls Spa Parties work in such a setting. All of the kids are in one place. No one can get lost upstairs, and break little sister's Barbies. (It's happened, sadly.) Logistically, having all the guests in one hotel room is easier to manage, from the point of view of safety. There's nothing there but what's brought there, and no place to wander unsupervised.

But that's not all. Kids Spa Parties in Hotel Suites also require a lot less preparation. Unlike your own home, which must be cleaned up, top to bottom, before any guests arrive, your hotel room will be immaculate (in a good hotel, that is!), all ready for decorating and set up of cold or hot food. Not having to get everything cleaned and prepared is a great aid to making any party preparation easier.

After the party's over, cleanup is also a breeze, with a Kids Hotel Spa Party. It's a smaller area to clean, and all that's required is to call the front desk. Help will usually arrive within minutes to take your refuse, and that's it. All that's needed is for the waste to be placed in bags and closed securely. That's surely a lot easier than having to drag cans to the curb. And as for the rest of the hotel room, as long as it's left neat and clean, you're set. No hotel expects guests to clean a hotel room to the extent they would their own home. After you leave, the staff does that.

Finally, kids can be messy. If you have fine furnishings and your own children are well behaved, realize not all the other kids may be so inclined to behave well at other children's homes, and that there may be a real threat of damage to expensive or rare furniture. The worst that can happen at a hotel is a spill on the rug - which is no trouble at all for the staff to clean up, and usually no added expense for the registered guest, either. Aside from the threat of spills, there's little else kids can do to mess up a hotel room!

For more information on our girls spa parties, please click here to visit our website.