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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Let's Get Creative: Making Your Kids Spa Party More Memorable!

Having a kids spa party at home (or in a hotel room) is great fun. While we bring the party, and some sweets for everyone to enjoy, there are some great ideas and tips that you can use to make it even more memorable. Since the mom is responsible for the food and additional candy, I have found some great ideas for moms to make their kids spa party more memorable and fun by making some simple additions.

This is by far the cutest idea I saw: marshmallow nail polish bottles! Find the recipe by clicking here They are super easy to make, all you need is tootsie rolls, marshmallow, frosting and food coloring to dip them in. Maby it would take an hour to prepare them, but once they are in the fridge, they don't need much care until the party starts, and they are sooo cute!

For the mom who is strapped for time, perhaps you can order some cute cupcakes online for your kids spa party. We have seen so many adorable cupcakes at parties we have been to that we would like to share a link to a couple of the best ones. Here is a link to yelp of the spa party cupcakes made by Sugar Sugar Cupcakes in Perth Amboy. These are the cutest! They have little makeup applicators and eyeshadow on them. How cute!

Cake Boutique in New Jersey also makes awesome cakes and cupcakes. While I didn't specifically see a cupcake for a spa party, they can undoubtedly make something special for your party! Visit them by clicking here

Here is an idea for some cool lip scrubs to have ready for the guests at the party. Everyone can use these lip scrubs to exfoliate their lips, and then use the home made lip balm that we make with your girls at the party! Click here to view And click here for some great ideas for homemade food, candy, and chocolates the everyone is sure to enjoy!

And of course, here are some great ideas for additional supplies to make your kids spa party even more fun! Birthday Express (click here) has lots of favor supplies, as well as decorations for your kids spa party. You don't have to make everything yourself, and these are great ideas if you don't have a lot of spare time to do so.

So, for your own kids spa party at home, some of these ideas will help you to make it more fun and more special, with time saving items, as well as ideas for favors and other fun stuff. To book your kids spa party with us, where we come to your home and decorate for the party, as well as providing manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, and hair styling, please click here to visit our website. You will find tons of information about our parties, galleries of prior parties, and contact information. The most important part of your party is the fun!


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  2. Your ideas are amazing and I am thankful that you shared them here. Last year, I planned birthday party for my daughter at one her favorite venues in Los Angeles. It was a simple party with no theme but she loved it.