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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kids Spa Parties – You Are Only Young Once!

Many parents of young children are concerned about having a kids spa party for their young daughter. Articles in the news recently have raised concerns about these types of parties, attempting to prove that kids spa parties will raise daughters who believe that they should spend all of their money on manicures, facials, and massages.

The same article blames kids spa parties for raising financially non-savvy women in our society. However, kids spa parties have not been around for very long, and there are already many women who spend all of their money on manicures, pedicures, facials, and the ever popular shopping. It is our belief that these fears about kids spa parties are unfounded, and you can link to a blog that discusses this at length by clicking here.

Many parents see kids spa parties as a good thing, a welcome change from birthday parties at places like Chuck E. Cheese, or with backyard bounce houses, pony rides, or pool parties. Many of the kids spa parties which we host are also slumber parties, which is a cool way to have two types of party in one with very little effort on the part of the parents.

In our opinion, little girls should be allowed to be just that, little girls. Kids spa parties give them an opportunity to just be a little girl for a day, with nothing expected of them except for their participation. Little girls can have their nails painted, they can have what is likely their first experience of a facial, and they can have what is likely their first professional massage therapy session. Even their hair can be styled in whatever way they like.

There is no pressure on the girls for them to choose any one service, as they are each allowed to choose whatever services they themselves prefer. Little girls love to have their nails done, and we believe that they are only young once, and they should be allowed to experience manicures, pedicures, facials, and the other services while they are still young.

There will be plenty of time later in their lives for them to polish their nails again, and for them to go for a real massage or facial, but for this one day they can just be a kid and have these services done for them. Since they are only young once, a girls spa party is an experience well worth having, that they will likely remember for their whole lives.

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