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Monday, January 13, 2014

Kids Spa Parties and American Girl Dolls: The Dolls Can Join in the Fun!

In the last many years, little girls all around the country have become enamored of the American Girl dolls. These are adorable little dolls that can be made to look like you, or to look however you want them to. Most little girls love having a smaller version of themselves to play with. In the past, the website for the American Girl dolls had a kids spa party kit for sale, so that little girls can have their dolls join in the fun.

Having hosted some of these types of parties, they are a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the line of kid’s spa party items for the dolls has since been discontinued, but that has not stopped little girls from wanting to have their dolls be entertained as guests at their spa parties!

So we have improvised. We offer an American Girl doll spa party package, where the little dolls can have almost all of the same treatments as their “mommies.” They can have facials, they can have their hair styled, and they can all get a massage, too. Due to the permanence of nail polish, that is not part of the package.

We have had several of these doll and girl spa parties, and they are loads of fun. The girls love seeing their dolls participate in the same activities they are getting, and they always help move their dolls around so that it seems real. They help them get in their baths, they help them get their facials, and then when it is time for their massages, the girls are often their dolls’ own massage therapists!
So, if your little girl loves her little American Girl doll, then maybe our American Girl doll and kids spa party are the right package for you. We can also involve other dolls, as long as they are large enough to “participate”! :-)

For more information on our kids spa parties, please click here to visit our kids spa party page.


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