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Friday, March 15, 2013

Kids Spa Parties Lead Tweens to Future Financial Ruin! (Or So Some Would Have Us Believe)

Spa parties for girls in the tween to teen range are very popular right now. It is more than a passing fad, as Kids Spa Parties are actually a great birthday party idea for girls of all ages. As with most topics, there are sharply divided lines as to viewpoints about Spa Parties.

Some believe that Tween Spa Parties are damaging to young girls, specifically that they help foster a worldview that is mutually exclusive with financial savvy. One such adherent to this belief is Chelsea Emery. Her Reuters piece, "Spa Parties and Money-Smart Daughters," (7/2012) details her ideas about why she feels kids spa parties are a negative influence on young girls.

We at Mountainside On Site Massage Therapy disagree, strongly. We provide on site Therapeutic Massage and work at parties and events of all sorts, both corporate and private parties, providing chair massage to guests. We also offer a Kids Spa Party package for girls, right in their own home or hotel suite. We know, from firsthand experience, that Spa parties do no harm to the development of young attendees, and instead actually help girls to have a better self image.

On our web site, NJMassage.Info, we host a blog that deals with Massage Therapy, for the most part. As we offer Massage Parties and Spa Parties for kids, these topics are sometimes discussed as well. Our recent article, "Spa Parties, Money Skills, and Their Lack of Real Correlation: Considering the Matter Further" expands on the notion that Spa Parties for Girls are anything but bad for children. Instead, they provide a setting for girls to socialize and play, talk and eat, and just be themselves.

The popularity of Kids Spa Parties isn't going to wane any time soon. It's a memorable event that the Birthday Girl will cherish as she grows up. Simply knowing that her parents care enough to lavish so much attention is a gift in itself. Most of the Birthday Girls have been, in our experience, wonderful children, very respectful and appreciative. By no means is the meme of the spoiled-brat-daughter apparent, and it's doubtful that getting her nails done and having a facial is going to change that!

We also authored another article about girls, self-esteem, and Kids Spa Parties. That article may be found here on our web site.

(C) 2013 H Miller, NJMassage.Info

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