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Monday, February 18, 2013

Kids Spa Party Invitations Now Available

For quite some time, if you were booking a kids spa party, (click here to book) you could order from our selection of kids spa party invitations. However, we have created a brand new page on our website where anyone who is hosting a kids spa party can purchase our invitations, and have them sent to each guest(click here for details).

The page shows our gallery of brand new designs for the kids spa party invitations that we are offering. Now people living outside of our service area, or those who are planning to create their own kids spa party, can order our invitations.

Professional, adorable invitations are customized and printed on demand. The birthday girl's name, as well as the name of each of her guests, are printed on each card. All that we need from the hostess is the name and address of each party guest, as well as the date and time of the party.

Of course, our kids spa party invitations are still available to those who prefer an at home kids spa party provided by Mountainside On Site Massage Therapy, where we take care of everything for you. We send the customized invitations to each of your party guests as well, when this add on is chosen.

Our gallery of invitation images is continually expanding, with designs ranging from cute little characters to very elegant floral designs. To inquire, please visit our kids spa party page by clicking here. To view the selection of available designs, click here for our kids spa party invitations page.

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