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Monday, August 19, 2013

Hotel Kids Spa Parties: All of the Fun, None of the Mess!

Kids Spa Parties are always a lot of work for the parents, even when a Kids Spa Party service, like ourselves at Mountainside One Site Massage, is hired to do the spa activities with the children. Parents usually prepare food, do their own decorating, mail out invitations, take photos, and do a great deal more, in order to get an event space ready for the party.

Our very first Kids Spa Party was held in a hotel room. So, from our very beginning, we've seen how well Girls Spa Parties work in such a setting. All of the kids are in one place. No one can get lost upstairs, and break little sister's Barbies. (It's happened, sadly.) Logistically, having all the guests in one hotel room is easier to manage, from the point of view of safety. There's nothing there but what's brought there, and no place to wander unsupervised.

But that's not all. Kids Spa Parties in Hotel Suites also require a lot less preparation. Unlike your own home, which must be cleaned up, top to bottom, before any guests arrive, your hotel room will be immaculate (in a good hotel, that is!), all ready for decorating and set up of cold or hot food. Not having to get everything cleaned and prepared is a great aid to making any party preparation easier.

After the party's over, cleanup is also a breeze, with a Kids Hotel Spa Party. It's a smaller area to clean, and all that's required is to call the front desk. Help will usually arrive within minutes to take your refuse, and that's it. All that's needed is for the waste to be placed in bags and closed securely. That's surely a lot easier than having to drag cans to the curb. And as for the rest of the hotel room, as long as it's left neat and clean, you're set. No hotel expects guests to clean a hotel room to the extent they would their own home. After you leave, the staff does that.

Finally, kids can be messy. If you have fine furnishings and your own children are well behaved, realize not all the other kids may be so inclined to behave well at other children's homes, and that there may be a real threat of damage to expensive or rare furniture. The worst that can happen at a hotel is a spill on the rug - which is no trouble at all for the staff to clean up, and usually no added expense for the registered guest, either. Aside from the threat of spills, there's little else kids can do to mess up a hotel room!

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