Kids Birthday Party Celebrations

Monday, November 25, 2013

Kids Spa Parties: A Great Way For Your Kids To De-stress For Their Birthday

Kids spa parties are a fun and exciting way for kids to learn to de-stress and turn off from all of the distractions in their lives, to simply relax. These parties are also a lot of fun. Little girls get to just be kids for a day, without all of the distractions of school and after-school activities.
Manicures and facials are by far the most popular activities at the kids spa parties. Every little girl loves to get her nails painted, and the cute nail art designs that they can get make it even more fun and exciting. From bunnies to cupcakes, zebras to rainbows, these little girls have chosen everything you can think of to have painted on their nails. The designs stay on for quite a while, long enough to show their friends in school, post to instagram and facebook, and show their relatives and friends.

The facials are extremely popular, too. Little girls love to watch each other get the masque applied, and especially love the cucumbers on the eyes. Many times girls have taken pictures of each other with the cucumbers on, and then posted them to their instagram and twitter accounts right then, giggling the whole time!:-)

Chocolate is one of the most popular activities, too, since little girls love to eat chocolate, and there is nothing better than chocolate dipped strawberries! And as scientific research has found, chocolate helps you to relax by releasing opiate substances in the brain as well as endorphins (click to view some of the research about chocolate)

So, many of the activities that kids get to do at the spa parties are relaxing just because they are fun, where other activities actually have chemical and scientific reasons for being relaxing. This make kids spa parties all the more fun and enjoyable for everyone invited.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kids Spa Parties: Helping Kids Learn To Relax

Kids today are so incredibly busy! With their fast-paced lives of soccer practice, karate class, outings with friends, and other after school activities (not to mention school itself!) kids today are busier than ever, and certainly busier than their own moms were when they were kids. So how do they learn to de-stress and just let go? To just relax and be their own person?
Well, to help your kids learn to relax and just be, we offer kids spa parties at home. The at home part actually makes it so that the mom can get to relax and just be also, but this article is about the benefits to your kids. The most relaxing services that we offer are the facials and the massages. But, we also create a spa atmosphere in your home, with candles, music, and everything else so your kids can just relax and enjoy their day.

Massages, as everyone knows, are very relaxing. All of the stress that kids today have from their very demanding lives can melt away while they are getting their massage. Tight shoulders, tight necks, and tension in their backs can all be relieved by their massage at the girls’ spa party.

Facials are also very relaxing. The facials are a time when kids can just relax, breathe, and let their tension go. During the masque portion of the facial, they do simply that: relax and lie still while the facial ingredients help their skin.

So, while some may think that kids spa parties are a frivolous event, devoid of any helpfulness to kids, I think that teaching them to relax is a very valuable lesson. Especially since they can take that relaxation with them into their daily lives: school, after school activities, homework time, and basically any time of the day that they are feeling stressed.

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